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Nat Williams, A Full Circle in Audio (a Biography)

Through a lifelong love of music, starting with helping grease Victrola phonographs and repairing radios, this love of all things audio has never diminished.

After a stint in the Air Force, I came back and worked at the Insomniac Coffee House as Stage Manager and emcee for 2 years, this cemented my love of music, especially after meeting some of the amazing artists of the day.  While working at the Insomniac, I also worked at Sprague Electric learning signal frequency control devices, I got a great education in this area. The opportunity presented itself and I became the National Marketing Director and Technical Consultant for Quadraphonic Sound with the co-inventors Charles E Greuzard Sr and Jr.

Starting in the 1970’s working for Muzak, I needed access to commercial sound gear. I discovered a company called Audio Industries, which happened to be a few blocks from my Muzak office and across the street from A & M records, formerly Charlie Chaplin Studios. Where I met Ike Benoun and was later introduced to Thomas (Beno) May, Mastering Engineer at A & M Studios.  I was able to obtain equipment needed through Audio Industries and also Cerwin Vega to design and install many discotheques in the Los Angeles/Palm Springs areas.

In 1977, I became National Marketing director for Car-Fi where I designed and developed the Sound Shuttle car stereo display exhibited at the January 1978 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Which resulted in being major publicity for Car-Fi.  The sound shuttle display was used by Federated Group to launch their new Alpine Car Stereo line, which resulted in a huge volume of sales for both companies. In this time, I was privileged to meet the founders of companies such as AudioQuest and Monster Cable, Fosgate and others. When I moved to Reno, I was Store Manager of Dunlap Wholesale Electronics Warehouse, and in my free time I did several Casino sound systems.

Upon relocating to Eugene OR in 1983. I co-founded what became Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) with Art Noxon and his acoustic absorbers. I was instrumental in discovering what became the patentable feature of the ASC Tube Traps.  As so named later by Noel Lee, who put us into 19 suites at the January 1984 CES. Where I introduced our unique acoustic control devices for audiophile and recording studio level application. I was the Vice-President, Marketing Director and Product Development Consultant, managing trade show exhibition as well as media contacts. As a result of this CES, the ASC Tube Trap was honored to become the first product to grace the cover of Stereophile Magazine.

In 1985, I consulted with Sims Vibration Dynamics in Seattle, WA specializing in vibration isolation devices for audio components, particularly turntables. While I was working at Sims, we demonstrated our isolation devices to A & M Studios with Thomas (Beno) May, Mastering Engineer. Then I moved on to the Music Room as a General Partner, where I was designing and selling whole house music systems and home theater systems in and around Seattle, WA. The Music Room went on to design the audio, video and installation at Bill Gate’s home.  I moved to Los Angeles, and consulted some and sold equipment to Warner Hollywood Studios for the Foley Stage and to Tom Jones and others. I also spent some time with ADT designing whole house pre-wire security systems for development contractors.

In 1995, I opened my own company called: Acoustic Solutions, where I did a sound system at Sealth High School, several home systems in the area, and did The Big Picture Sound System in Seattle. After moving to Spokane WA, I have done many churches, restaurants and Ferris High School’s Auditorium.  I decided in 2015 to change the name to Pure Analog Music, which focuses on the Analog world of Audio. 

All of this culminated in my inventing the dynamic record stabilizer by Pure Analog Music

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